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Preface lays out scope of essay. Mention Newton's work on gravity with respect to René Descartes. We commence the critique of Newton's attractive force. Chapter 1 discusses opinions on Newton by various sources (Pope, Blake, etc.) and mention Newton's attack on pushing forces in the Solar System, why they were not convincing. I attack his claim that he made no hypotheses when writing. His attractive force assumption is nothing but hypothesis, and not supported by any reasonable evidence, despite his use of comets to suggest otherwise. Chapter 2 goes into the mechanics on how push forces might work and be reconciled to radiant energy. I start off by attacking the rationality of the modern scientific community, pointing out ridiculous assertions that violate experience and logic, while claiming that experiments and logic support the absurd assumptions. I repeat the problem of push with respect to light energy and Kepler's Laws. I suggest that planets are engines that drive themselves under the influence of push forces in the ether. I mention a theory supported at one point by Thomas Jefferson Jackson See (1866-1962) that radiant shadows create gravity by pushing more on the outer edges of two heavenly bodies in contrast to the line on the inner diameter between the two bodies. I also mention See's radiant energy contraction supposition that bears some relationship to my notions. I give two explanations for gravity forces: oscillating engine of heavenly bodies, ether calms due to interference of EMF in space, and the possible third effect of the Aristotelian assumption that bodies naturally tend to rise innately. This is expressed as M = H/D (M-motility, H-heat, D-density of matter), with the assumption heat energy operates in a way to make things rise naturally, especially with the earth's surface of rock and water acting as a floor. We note that an ether also demands ether pressure on the moon, and that air pressure and ether pressure have an effect on this upward/downward tendency. I discuss the laser effect where you do not see the beam sideways by suggesting that incremental bursts of light have black space between them as one of two reasons for this. The other reason is that forward motion of light pushes the ether more forcibly back and forth than side to side. And the side motion concentrates the ether along the rays (line of sight from source to observer) to make direct ray transmission still stronger. The observer has multiple hits of light bursts reinforced along the line of sight, and not so from side to side due to black space and tenuous push out force of waves operating transversely to the ray from the source. We summarize with an attack on Newton and the Lucasian Chair crowd. I add an addendum about proof of modern scientific assertions from the point of view of the common man. to wit, from the point of view of the author. We discuss the motion of the Sun, Flat Earth people, Kepler's Laws proven by Joe Blow.

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