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In honor of one of the most prolific and exciting scientists of the second half of the last century, a memorial meeting was organized by the Institute of Advanced Studies at Nanyang Technological University for Professor Abdus Salam's 90th Birthday in January 2016. Salam believed that "scientific thought is the common heritage of all mankind" and that the developing world should play its part, not merely by importing technology but by being the arbiter of its own scientific destiny. That belief saw him rise from humble beginnings in a village in Pakistan to become one of the world's most original and influential particle physicists, culminating in the 1979 Nobel Prize (shared with Glashow and Weinberg) for contributions to electroweak unification, which forms an integral part of the Standard Model. The book collected the papers presented at this memorable event which saw many distinguished scientists participating as speakers to reflect on Prof Salam's great passion for the science and achievements. Contents: Abdus Salam at Imperial College (M J Duff) Life With Salam (1959–1976) (Robert Delbourgo) The Force and Gravity of Events (Robert Delbourgo) Advantages of Unity with SU(4)-Color: Reflections Through Neutrino Oscillations, Baryogenesis and Proton Decay (Jogesh C Pati) Abdus Salam, the Electroweak Forces, ICTP and Beyond (Antonino Zichichi) Imagining the Future, or How the Standard Model May Survive the Attacks (Gerard 't Hooft) Abdus Salam and Physics Beyond the Standard Model (Qaisar Shafi) Abdus Salam: The Passionate, Compassionate Man and, His Masterpiece, the ICTP (Miguel A Virasoro) A Brief Review of E Theory (Peter West) Quanta of Geometry and Unification (Ali H Chamseddine) Abdus Salam and Quadratic Curvature Gravity: Classical Solutions (K S Stelle) ICTP: From a Dream to a Reality in 50+ Years (F Quevedo) Salam's Dream and Dynamic Changes in Chinese Condensed Matter Physics: A Personal Perspective (Lu Yu) Prof Abdus Salam, My Teacher and Mentor: The Role of ICTP in Africa (Francis Kofi A Allotey) Action Principles for Hydro- and Thermo-Dynamics (Christian Fronsdal) Is Left-Right Symmetry the Key? (Goran Senjanovi?) Precision Tests of the Standard Model: Rare B-Meson Decays (Ahmed Ali) The World of Long-Range Interactions: A Bird's Eye View (Shamik Gupta and Stefano Ruffo) SESAME: A Personal Point of View (Eliezer Rabinovici) The Long Journey to the Higgs Boson and Beyond at the LHC Part I: Emphasis on CMS (Tejinder Singh Virdee) The Long Journey to the Higgs Boson and Beyond at the LHC Part II: Emphasis on ATLAS (Peter Jenni) High Energy Physics, Past, Present and Future (Hirotaka Sugawara) Chern–Simons Theories with Fundamental Matter: A Brief Review of Large N Results Including Fermi–Bose Duality and the S-matrix (Spenta R Wadia) Lorentz Invariant CPT Breaking in the Dirac Equation (Kazuo Fujikawa) Cosmology and Supergravity (S Ferrara, A Kehagias and A Sagnotti) A New Look at Newton–Cartan Gravity (E A Bergshoeff and J Rosseel) Neutrino Oscillations and Neutrino Masses (Harald Fritzsch) Majorana Fermions in Condensed-Matter Physics (A J Leggett) What Remains Invariant: Life Lessons from Abdus Salam (T Z Husain) Banquet Speech at the Memorial Meeting for Abdus Salam's 90th Birthday (Ahmad Salam) Readership: Students, researchers and academics interested in elementary particle physics.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2017
    • Ano:  2017
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001121639009
    • ISBN:  9789813144880

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