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Fossils are the remains or evidence of ancient plants or animals that have been preserved in the rocks of the earth’s crust. Most fossils represent the preservable hard parts of some prehistoric organism that once lived in the area in which the remains were collected. The word fossil is derived from the Latin word fossilis, meaning “dug up,” and for many years any unusual object dug out of the ground was considered to be a “fossil.” For this reason some of the earlier books dealing with fossils include discussions of rocks, minerals, and other inorganic objects. There is much evidence to indicate that man has been interested in fossils since the very earliest times, and fossil shells, bones, and teeth have been found associated with the remains of primitive and prehistoric men. It is quite possible that the owners of these objects believed that they possessed supernatural powers, such as healing properties or the ability to remove curses. During the earliest periods of recorded history, certain Greek scholars found the remains of fish and sea shells in desert and mountainous regions. These men were greatly puzzled by the occurrence of these objects at such great distances from the sea, and some of them devoted considerable time to an explanation of their presence.

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