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    This book provides state-of-the-art scientific and engineering research findings and developments in the area of mobile robotics and associated support technologies around the theme of assistive robotics. The book contains peer reviewed articles presented at the CLAWAR 2015 conference. The book contains a comprehensive collection of papers on legged locomotion with numbers of legs from two upward to multi-legs, which includes robots cable of climbing walls, poles, or more complex structures such as continuing the distinctive CLAWAR themes. There are also a strong showing of articles covering human assist devices, notably exoskeletal and prosthetic devices, as well as social robots designed to meet the growing challenges of global ageing population. Contents: Plenary Presentations: Infrastructure Robotics: Opportunities and Challenges (Gamini Dissanayake) Understanding Animal Locomotion Using Bio-Inspired Robotics and Soft Robotics (Tianmiao Wang) Assistive Robots: A Behavior Adaptation Method Based on Hierarchical POMDPs (Y Tao, Y Chen, D Xu and J Zheng) Design and Control of Exoskeleton for Elderly Mobility (G Al Rezage, M O Tokhi and S K Ali) Assessing Human Robot Interaction: The Role of Long-Run Experiments (I Ferreira and J S Sequeira) Autonomous Robots: Wall Climbing Robot Motion Simulation in Non-Deterministic Area with Existing Moving Objects (V G Gradetsky, M M Knyazkov, A M Nunuparov, E A Semyonov and A N Sukhanov) Design and Implementation of a Scansorial Robot (M A H Hassan and M O Tokhi) Biologically-Inspired Systems and Solutions: A Bio-Inspired Behavior Based Bipedal Locomotion Control —, B4LC Method for Bipedal Upslope Walking (J Zhao, Q Liu, S Schuetz and K Berns) Design and Implementation of a Smart Robotic Shark with Multi-Sensors (S Chen, J Yu, X Li and J Yuan) Control Algorithm for Walking Robot with Mosaic Body (A V Panchenko, I A Orlov and V E Pavlovsky) Innovative Design of Clawar: A Novel Inspection Robot Moving on High-Voltage Power Transmission Line (T Guanghong and F Lijin) Rise-Rover: A Wall-Climbing Robot with High Reliability and Load-Carrying Capacity (J Xiao, B Li, K Ushiroda and Q Song) Inspection and Innovative Sensing: An Innovative Torque Sensor Design for the Lightest Hydraulic Quadruped Robot (H Khan, F Cannella, D Caldwell and C Semini) Mapping Repetitive Structural Tunnel Environments for a Biologically Inspired Climbing Robot (G Paul, S Mao, L Liu and R Xiong) Locomotion: Application of Local Slopes in the Study of Metastable Walking (A T Safa, M Naraghi and A Alasty) A Mechanism of Particle Swarm Optimization on Motor Patterns in the B4LC System (Q Liu, J Zhao, S Schuetz and K Berns) Dynamical Analysis of Large Deflection Compliant Leg During Terrestrial Locomotion (T Fang, X Wang, Z Chen, M Xu and S Zhang) Manipulation, Intelligence and Learning for CLAWAR: Radiation Dosing Software Control of a Robot System for the Atlas Scanning Facility (H Marin-Reyes and R French) Acquisition Slope Surface Walking for Humanoids via Transfer Learning (Y Wang, X Han, Z Liu, D Luo and X Wu) Medical and Rehabilitation Robotics: A Real-Time Gait Phase Detection Method for Prosthesis Control (J Li, X Zhou, C Li, W Li, H Zhang and H Gu) Powered Knee Orthosis for Performance of Assistance and Rehabilitation Purposes (M Shysh, A Safonov, A Telesh and U Schmucker) Modelling and Simulation of CLAWAR: Wall Climbing Robot Motion with Adaptive Vacuum Contact Devices (V G Gradetsky, M M Knyazkov, A A Kryukova, E A Semyonov and A N Sukhanov) Combination of Affine Deformation and Dynamic Movement Primitive in Learning Human Motion for Redundant Manipulator (J Hu and R Xiong) Perception, Localization and Rescue Operations: Multi-Session Slam Over Low Dynamic Workspace Using RGBD Sensor (Y Wang, R Xiong, S Huang and J Wu) Mechanism and Anti-Explosion Design of an Omnitread Serpentine Robot for Searching in Coal Mines (G Liu, J Yan, C Li, Z Han, L Zhu, J Zhao and L Li) Planning and Control: Lidar-Based Navigation-Level Path Planning for Field-Capable Legged Robots (I Havoutis, D G Caldwell and C Semini) A Simple Modeling Method and Trajectory Planning for a Car-Like Climbing Robot Used to Strip Coating from the Outer Surface of Pipes Underwater (H Wang, C Yang, X Deng and J Fan) Underwater and Sea Robotics: Towards Deep-Sea Monitoring with SMIS —, Experimental Trials of Deep-Sea Acoustic Localization (S Neumann, D Oertel, H Wö,rn, M Kurowski, D Dewitz, J J Waniek, D Kaiser and R Mars) Mechanical Design of a Two-Joint Robotic Fish (C Zhang, J Yu and M Tan) A Novel Hydraulic Mechanism for Bio-Inspired Undulating Robot: Modeling and Morphological Analysis (H Xu, T Hu, X Zhang and L Zhang) and other papers Readership: Systems and control engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers in academic, research and industrial settings, engineers and practitioners in the public services sectors in health care, manufacturing, supply and delivery services. Key Features: The book is focused on the newly emerging robotic sector Service robotics is the main thematic approach of the CLAWAR series and the specific theme of this book is on assistive reobotics

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      • Ano de Edição: 2015
      • Ano:  2015
      • País de Produção: Canada
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      • ISBN:  9789814725255

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