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    Surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) might be one of the most impressive effects to demonstrate the power of plasmonic approaches in spectroscopy and became one of the "triggers" for the rapidly emerging field of plasmonics. This book provides a review of some recent developments in SERS, such as tip enhanced Raman scattering (TERS), reports new experimental observations, sophisticated new SERS-active structures and substrates, new theoretical insight to explain the effect as well as exciting applications in various fields such as analytical science, biomedicine and nanotechnology. Written for graduate students and established researchers looking for inspiration for future work, its interdisciplinary nature makes the book suitable for readers in the fields of chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, nanotechnology and materials science. Contents: Nanoplasmonics Fundamentals and Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering as a Physical Phenomenon (Mark I Stockman) Frontiers in Electromagnetic Mechanism Of SERS (Tamitake Itoh) Plasmon-Supported Two-Photon Excited Vibrational Sensing and Imaging (Janina Kneipp and Katrin Kneipp) Plasmonically Enhanced Elastic and Inelastic Light Scattering for Real-Time Study of Molecular Cell Functions (Sajanlal R Panikkanvalappil and Mostafa A El-Sayed) Deep-Ultraviolet Surface- and Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (Atsushi Taguchi) Lithographically Prepared SERS-Active Substrates with Well-Defined Gaps Below 1nm (Kenneth Crozier and Wenqi Zhu) Hierarchical Porous Plasmonic Nanostructures as New SERS Substrates with Ultra-High Reproducibility and Sensitivity (Dang Yuan Lei) Shell-Isolated Nanoparticle-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (Jian-Feng Li, Rajapandiyan Panneerselvam and Zhong-Qun Tian) Ultra-High Vacuum Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (Naihao Chiang, Guillaume Goubert, Eric A Pozzi, Michael O McAnally, Craig Chapman, Nan Jiang, George C Schatz and Richard P Van Duyne) Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Surface and Interface Analysis (Jin-Hui Zhong, Xiang Wang, Teng-Xiang Huang, Sheng-Chao Huang and Bin Ren) Tip-Enhanced Raman Scattering in Liquid/Solution (Prompong Pienpinijtham and Yukihiro Ozaki) Tip-Enhanced Raman Scattering of Nanocarbons (Sanpon Vantasin, Yoshito Okuno, Yuika Saito and Yukihiro Ozaki) Chemical Identification by Sub-Nanometer Resolved Single-Molecule Raman Scattering (Yao Zhang, Yang Zhang, Zhenchao Dong and Jianguo Hou) SERS Theory: The Chemical Effect of Rhodamine 6G Adsorption on Silver Surfaces on Its Raman Spectrum (Lindsey R Madison, Mark A Ratner and George C Schatz) Graphene-Enhanced Raman Scattering (GERS): Chemical Effect (Xi Ling, Shengxi Huang, Jing Kong and Mildred Dresselhaus) Charge-Transfer-Induced Enhancement of Raman Scattering Based on Semiconductors (Wei Ji, Xiao Xia Han and Bing Zhao) Readership: Graduate students and established researchers looking for inspiration for future work in the fields of chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, nanotechnology and materials science.

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      • Ano de Edição: 2017
      • Ano:  2017
      • País de Produção: Canada
      • Código de Barras:  2001121643310
      • ISBN:  9781786344250

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