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This publication is a proposal for the adoption of a codified federal constitution by the United Kingdom; although it can also apply to other countries. It is written with the aim of securing fiscal and social prosperity for all regions through autonomy, and furthermore, to secure the Union itself by undercutting arguments for regional independence. This is achieved by providing the benefits of economic self-determination via autonomy all the while those regions remain part of a more powerful United Kingdom. The U.S., Swiss, and -to a smaller but no less significant extent- the French constitutions were used as inspiration and points of departure from which to create a unique alternative. I have introduced an additional political mechanism not present in the above examples, the Security Council, -different to the UN- as a means of preventing the federation's ability to use destructive force from accumulating in the hands of one person. Given the sheer amount of capabilities accumulated with the executive branch in our time, I believe that the separation of powers shared with the legislature, and judiciary is no longer enough to prevent a swing towards authoritarianism. Therefore, it is time that the executive has a separation of powers or power sharing built into its constitutional framework. In the Security Council, 9 individuals control the federation's ability to wage war, conduct the civil defence, and national law enforcement initiatives. The idea is that each power-seeker on that council will counter the desire of any other to take complete control, as that would be in direct opposition to his/her interests. In the Constitutional Monarchy model, the Security Council is composed of the Monarch, six senators -no more House of Lords-, the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. In the Republican model, a President replaces the Monarch. The elected head of state here only has a modicum of more power and bares no comparison to the French or American presidencies. I express my own bias and preference for a model in the introduction. There is a great deal more to the constitution and the above subject matters form only a small selection of what lies inside. I hope you have an enjoyable read. Cyrus Parvin

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    • Ano de Edição: 2017
    • Ano:  2017
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