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This book Introduces you to Politics. It clearly explains politics. It analyzes the connections between Politics and other disciplines. It shows you how to study Politics. It throws light on how to analyze Politics. It lays much emphasis on behavioural models like the systems, structural functionalism, communication, power, elite and game. It describes the State. It shows the differences between the State and society. It sheds light on the origin of the State. It highlights the purpose of the State. It analyzes the forms of government like the monarchy, aristocracy, democracy, dictatorship, parliamentary system, presidential system, unitary system, federal system and confederal system. It throws light on the organs of government like the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. It examines their respective structures and functions. It sheds light on the principles of government like the rule of law, separation of powers, checks and balances, accountability, leadership, followership and political participation. It teaches you how to obtain and exercise power and authority in the State. It identifies a transition from legitimacy to sovereignty. It clearly explains law from several views. It highlights the criminal law. It outlines the civil law. It explores several divisions of law. It casts light on the political philosophy. It appraises the fundamental values like liberty, equality, justice and common good. It strives to mix politics with ethics. It discusses the political ideologies like communalism, feudalism, capitalism, socialism, anarchism, totalitarianism, Fascism and Nazism.. It evaluates political behaviour. It examines political culture, political socialization, leadership, followership, voters and elites. It analyzes political parties in several political systems. It casts light on one-party system, two-party system and multi-party system. It clearly explains election. It discusses the types of election and electoral systems. It appraises the organization of election. It highlights the nature and nurture of .leadership. It highlights the tasks and criticisms of leaders. It discusses the strategies and principles of propaganda. It teaches you how to apply propaganda to politics. It explores international relations, international systems, foreign policies, globalization and international organizations like the United Nations, Commonwealth of Nations, African Union, Economic Community of West African States, and Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. It delves into development. It pinpoints the challenges of development like the multinational corporations, poverty, corruption, unemployment, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, brain drain and terrorism. It clearly explains poverty. It throws light on the high level of poverty in the world. It shows you how to drastically reduce it. It analyzes corruption. It sheds light on the high level of corruption in the world. It explains to you what should be done to reduce it to a barest minimum. It appraises unemployment. It casts light on the high level of unemployment in the world. It suggests to you how to tackle it. It discusses brain drain. It examines the high level of brain drain in the world. It instructs you on how to rectify it. It explores terrorism. It appraises the high level of terrorism in the world. It teaches you the best solutions to it. And there is now the greater need for inspired and dynamic leaders who possess the knowledge that can conquer poverty, corruption, unemployment, brain drain and terrorism in the world.

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