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Constitution is a body of laws which states the functions of the organs of government and the rights and duties of the leaders and the led. It is in this lucid manner that this book will teach you constitution. It clearly explains the sources of constitution like the written laws, statutes, judicial precedents, conventions and charters. It identifies the scope of constitution. It includes the statement of the goals, purpose and aspiration of the people in a particular State. It highlights the functions of constitution in a modern State. It includes that any constitution must give legitimacy to the government and its leaders. It analyzes the written constitution. It throws light on its distinctive merits and demerits. It appraises the unwritten constitution. It sheds light on its distinguishing merits and demerits. It examines the flexible and rigid constitutions. It casts light on their good and bad sides. And it explores the unitary and federal constitutions. It discusses their distinctive merits and demerits.

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