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In academia, the study of being the President of the United States is referred to as presidenticism. Crisis of the President is a welcome addition to the list of source texts available to presidenticistists in universities everywhere.* It takes us on the inside. At a time of crisis.Sometime in the first half of the twenty first century (the exact dates are still classified), a crisis occured which threatened the very future of the American homeland. It appeared literally from under the radar, as two nuclear armed bombers emerged from the Russian skies. The world, for one day and night, held its breath. Now in his first interview since the rarely talked about events of The Crisis, president Sam W. Marsh relates in near accurate detail what happened behind the scenes during twenty four Armageddon hours. In candid terms never before made in public, he makes it clear that whenever enemies of the republic bestir themselves, the position of president is still absolutely quite important. What was the president doing on the morning of the crisis? What was the president doing as the crisis unfolded? What was the president doing as he persuaded a stewardess not to fear her coming death on Air Force One? And what is the president doing nearly eight years later in a Dallas bowling alley? Through the former presidents comprehensive reminiscence, we learn again the burden of being the pre-eminent citizen in the pre-eminent power. That, whenever there is a global crisis, it is a Crisis of the President.*except the Islamic worldPraise for Crisis of the President"Crisis of the President should be required reading in countries." Anonymous senator."Thrilling, the structure of it, let alone the mesmerizing content, astonishes. Has the effect of obliterating time and consciousness. What can I say? I will forever be reading it on a loop." Daniel Craigs hairdresser."Can I read it again, mommy?" A nine year old patriot whose mother bought him a copy for Thanksgiving Day."Builds to a climax so intense I thought I was gonna sh*t." The nine year old patriots dad."I wish you wouldnt talk like that, dad." The nine year old patriot."This book is very short and very cheap." That senator again.

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