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For over two hundred years, we have equated elections with freedom. Is this glib assumption justified? Do we get the government we want and deserve when we vote? If not, what is wrong with democracy? "Elections!" says the author. He lists their shortcomings and and shows that our "representative democracy" is neither representative nor democratic, and does not meet recognised standards. What is to be done? It is one thing to find faults, and quite another to propose serious, practical improvements. This book does that. It presents a practical alternative to elections in which a much fairer representation is achieved than at present, giving a parliament which takes the wishes of all citizens into account, and to which any citizen may make proposals for laws. He shows how such a parliament can interact with the administration and the judiciary, and how it could make fair and intelligent decisions on complicated technical questions, using the "wisdom of crowds". He gives examples of the legislature in action, and shows the advantages of this system in eliminating corruption, incoherent policies, and the dominance of powerful interests and lobbyists. THIS IS THE REFORM THAT WILL MAKE REFORM POSSIBLE. "Excellent. Well thought through, and well-argued" - Terrill Bouricius, Political analyst and former Member, Vermont House of Representatives. Not everyone agrees . . . "offered to us by the lunatic fringe . . . bonkers" - Keith Sutherland, Faculty of Political Science, University of East Anglia.

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