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Election is the process of choosing a candidate for an office through voting. Election is the use of vote to choose one out of the two or more candidates contesting a public office. Election presents a forum in which the candidate explains his stand and promises on important public issues to the voters. It is in this lucid manner that this book will teach you election. It clearly explains the functions of election in modern States. It analyzes the types of election. It throws light on the direct election and indirect election. It appraises the organization of election in modern States. It highlights the functions of electoral commission. It discusses the problems and criticisms of electoral commission. It evaluates the various constituencies like the single-member constituency, multi-member constituency, federal constituency, senatorial district, and ward. It identifies the electoral systems. It throws light on the simple majority, absolute majority, and proportional representation. It discusses free and fair election. It sheds light on the factors militating against free and fair election in modern States. And it lays emphasis on election rigging. It explores all the avenues available for rigging election and shows you how to curb election rigging in modern States.

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