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Federalism is a system in which powers are distributed between the central authority known as the Federal Government and the component units known as states or regions. It is in this lucid manner that this book will teach you federalism in Nigeria. It clearly traces the origin of federal system in Nigeria. There were the London Constitutional Conference and the Lagos Constitutional Conference that paved the way for the introduction of a federal system in Nigeria. It analyzes the features of federal system in Nigeria. They include the division of powers among three levels of government like the federal, state and local governments. It appraises the factors that led Nigeria to adopt a federal system. They include the heterogeneous population, the fear of the domination of the minority ethnic groups, the geographical nearness and the large population of Nigeria. It evaluates the varying structures of federal system in Nigeria. It throws light on the number of its component units. It highlights the credit sides of federal system in Nigeria. It outlines the debit sides of federal system. And it lays emphasis on the problems of federal system in Nigeria. They include the revenue allocation, the constant demand for the creation of new states, the mutual distrust among the ethnic groups, and the threats of secession from the East.

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