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Government is a body of people who determine common policies, regulate common affairs, and promote common interests in the State. It is in this lucid manner that this book will teach you government. It analyzes the functions of government and outlines how a government must act. It appraises the differences between the State and society, and between the State and nation. It lays emphasis on the basic concepts of government. It throws light on the types of power. It explains how to obtain and exercise power in the State. It sheds light on the types of authority. It discusses how to obtain and exercise authority in the State. It identifies the transition from legitimacy to sovereignty. It examines the location of sovereignty in modern States. It casts light on political culture. It evaluates the components and types of political culture in different political systems. It delves into political socialization. It discusses the agents of political socialization. And it explores how to study Government. It discusses the several divisions of Government and shows you how to study Government.

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