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    Was there really ever a time before Trump? A time before Steve, Kellyanne, Jared and Ivanka? It feels impossible to imagine now. He’s been president for a year, but to those who never normalized the daily insults against common sense and democracy from the White House, it seems like it’s been a decade of nonstop outrage, buffoonery and that kind of straight-up Trumptini—shaken and stirred—that only The Donald can deliver. As we push against our own victimization, we need to push against collective amnesia, and hack the Trump story rather than be blinded by its cat video distractions. Hacking Trump is a portrait of the forces and personalities that shaped the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency. It is also an act of memory against forgetting, and a personal remembrance, with a novelist’s perspective. Cutting through the hazy, unstable ether of recent history and searching for the roots of the GOP’s tax cut-or-die dysfunction and its obsession with a reality star president, Hacking Trump does what only good literature can do—decipher the past to uncover a deeper truth about our future.

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