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Hope Is The Root is a collection of poems that was written for The Resistance; to express dismay for the current US administration and other government officials and, also to show support for and motivate members of the online Resistance movement. Hickson's voice is but a small peep in a large crowd of voices trying to be heard; trying to express their desire for a president who serves ALL the people, not just the rich and for a legislature that chooses “country over party”, rather than the other way around. As tragic as life sometimes feels with our 45th president at the helm, the Hickson finds comfort connecting with others who believe that the United States can still be better and do better, if we all stand together against the continued slights of the current administration and fight against the oppressive and sometimes, unconstitutional, laws that the legislature tries to impose on us. Dez Hickson is proud to say that The Resistance has helped clapback and pushback against many of the foul policies implemented or attempted by our current government and we have had some victories; some small, some big. Hickson believes if we continue to stand together; make our voices heard by marching, protesting, writing, and voting, we will eventually overcome the current threat to our American values. Hope is the root of The Resistance; hope in the present and in the future. Through this book and through her continued writing of Resistance poetry, Hickson plans to keep watering those roots, to help bring forward a brighter future for fellow Americans, our children, and our communities, at home and abroad.

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