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The field of urban economics is built on an analysis of housing prices, land rents, housing consumption, spatial form, and other aspects of urban residential structure. Drawing on the journal publications and teaching notes of Professor John Yinger of Syracuse University, Housing and Commuting: The Theory of Urban Residential Structure presents a simple model of urban residential structure and shows how the model's results change when key assumptions are made more realistic. This book provides a wide-ranging introduction to research on urban residential structure. Topics covered range from theoretical analysis of urban structure with different transportation systems or multiple worksites to empirical work on the impact of local public services on house values and the impact of racial prejudice and discrimination on housing choices. Graduate students and scholars who want to learn about research in urban economics will find this book to be a good starting point. Request Inspection Copy Contents: The Basic Urban Model: Introduction to Urban Models (John Yinger) The Basic Urban Model (John Yinger) The Demand for Housing (John Yinger) The Urban Transportation System: Around the Block: Urban Models with a Street Grid (John Yinger) Bumper to Bumper: A New Approach to Congestion in an Urban Model (John Yinger) Timing Equilibria in an Urban Model with Congestion (Stephen L Ross and John Yinger) Sorting and Urban Labor Markets: Normal Sorting (John Yinger) Household Sorting and the Derivation of Bid-Function Envelopes (John Yinger) An Equilibrium Model of Urban Population and the Distribution of Income (John Yinger and Sheldon Danziger) City and Suburb: Urban Models with More than One Employment Center (John Yinger) Comparative Static Analysis of Open Urban Models with a Full Labor Market and Suburban Employment (Stephen L Ross and John Yinger) An Analysis of the Efficiency of Urban Residential Structure, with an Application to Racial Integration (John Yinger) Urban Public Finance, Capitalization and Hedonics: Bidding and Sorting (John Yinger) Property Tax Capitalization (John Yinger) Capitalization and the Theory of Local Public Finance (John Yinger) Capitalization and Sorting: A Revision (John Yinger) The Capitalization of School Quality into House Values: A Review (Phuong Nguyen-Hoang and John Yinger) Hedonic Markets and Sorting Equilibria: Bid-Function Envelopes for Public Services and Neighborhood Amenities (John Yinger) Hedonic Equilibria in Housing Markets: The Case of One-to-One Matching (John Yinger) Hedonic Vices: Fixing Inferences about Willingness to Pay in Recent House-Value Studies (John Yinger and Phuong Nguyen-Hoang) Racial and Ethnic Prejudice and Discrimination: Racial Prejudice and Racial Residential Segregation in an Urban Model (John Yinger) On Models of Racial Prejudice and Urban Residential Structure (Paul N Courant and John Yinger) Cash in Your Face: The Cost of Racial and Ethnic Discrimination in Housing (John Yinger) Hedonic Estimates of Neighborhood Ethnic Preferences (John Yinger) Measuring Racial Discrimination with Fair Housing Audits: Caught in the Act (John Yinger) Now You See It, Now You Don't: Why Do Real Estate Agents Withhold Available Houses from Black Customers? (Jan Ondrich, Stephen L Ross and John Yinger) Do Rental Agents Discriminate Against Minority Customers? Evidence from the 2000 Housing Discrimination Study (Seok Joon Choi, Jan Ondrich and John Yinger) Why Do Real Estate Brokers Continue to Discriminate? Evidence from the 2000 Housing Discrimination Study (Bo Zhao, Jan Ondrich and John Yinger) Evidence on Discrimination in Consumer Markets (John Yinger) What Have We Learned from Paired Testing in Housing Markets? (Sun Jung Oh and John Yinger) Readership: Students and professionals in urban planning and urban economics. Key Features: This book brings together the research on urban residential structure by Professor John Yinger This book provides the only comprehensive introduction to urban economics at the graduate level, covering a much wider range of topics in more depth than any alternative No other book provides graduate-level analysis of basic urban models; extensions of these theoretical models to complex urban transportation systems, heterogeneous households, multiple worksites, local governments, and racial discrimination; and applications of the insights from these models to empirical work on housing demand, the impact of property taxes and local public services on housing values, and the causes and consequences of housing discrimination

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    • Ano de Edição: 2017
    • Ano:  2017
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001121146675
    • ISBN:  9789813206687

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