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Imagine if you would:Your little boy just wants something to eat. You both have enjoyed a great father/son day, but now he is hungry.You pass by a neighborhood sandwich shop. You go in, your boy in front of you, and get in line. Just as you are turning into the order lane, you notice another little boy ahead of you, just a few feet from your son.Then you see the gun.An assault weapon, improperly shouldered by a man standing in front of the child, its barrel pointing downward just a few inches from the boy’s face. The weapon is loaded.You feel rage; you feel fear. But there is nothing you can do. It is all legal! As long as the store allows it, nothing can be done to remove the gun from the boy’s face, and you are forced to remove your son from the store.We are surrounded by guns; and, not surprisingly, we are surrounded by gun violence.Between April 22, 2016 through April 24, 2016 – two days – 324 people were shot in the United States. 107 were killed; 217 injured. Gun Violence Archives points out the shootings occurred everywhere:•At an elementary school.•At a Walmart.•At a high School prom.•At the body of a family member already killed.•During Sunday worship•In a car.•At home.•In a park.And then, as this book goes to press…there is Orlando!The good news: even though we are surrounded by guns, we still have many gun-free zones. Restaurants where you can take your child without fear he would suddenly be inches from the barrel of an assault rifle. Theaters, stores, shopping malls, other businesses that rebuke the notion that everyone armed means everyone safe.Yet, there are powerful forces demanding to take that away from you, to make illegal all gun free zones!Their agenda is clear: guns everywhere – in stores, in theaters, in restaurants.Everywhere.This book helps you identify hundreds of gun-free zones. It defines current efforts by some to eliminate those zones. It outlines long-term threats from those “stuck on stupid”, those determined to remove all gun-free havens from the national landscape: the “guns everywhere” crowd.The book is presented in three sections.Section 1: Gun-free ZonesHere you will find the lists. Hundreds of gun-free businesses are named:•Grocery stores.•Convenience stores.•Restaurants.•Fast food shops.•Shopping malls.•Hotels.•Theaters.•Other stores and businesses.Section 2: Gun-free ThreatsFive current threats to gun-free safety are highlighted:•Public schools.•Colleges and Universities.•Bars.•Airports.•Churches.Section 3: Gun-free ChallengesFinally, focus is given to four disturbing, yet prevailing, trends part of the constant demands for more and more guns, and lessor and lessor controls over those guns:•Removing background checks.•Removing gun permits: “Constitutional” carry.•Open carry everywhere.•Promoting youth gun culture.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001026613180
    • ISBN:  9781310642746

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