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Every American concerned about protecting Freedom and the right to property and prosperity must read this book. The enemies of the United States are not out to conquer the US militarily. They are seeking to collapse the US from within. They attack not our military,they instead target the US way of life: Its Economy.In 2008 as a student at the US Army War College, LTC Richard Holdren researched the effects of national policy on the US economy. What LTC Holdren discovered shocked him. He realized how little he knew about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and how it was being engaged. LTC Holdrens discovery changed the way he viewed strategy and national policy. LTC Holdrens research led to the publishing of this essay in May 2008, just four months before the crash of the Housing Bubble. LTC Holdrens essay was not only relevant back in May 2008, but it is true for today, and the reason for this book.LTC Holdren discovered the true enemy to the US way of life may not be from outside the US but from within the US. The enemy is not a military force or idealism. The enemy is the habit of debt for which the US government is addicted.Every American, who wants to perserve the American way of life must read this book to understand the strategic choices which must be made in the near future. The American way of life depends on an educated American public. This book explains in a very clear language the strategic choices which lie ahead for America.There are three sets of security challenges facing the U.S.: First, the current challenge of winning the “long war” (current); second, the potential security challenges, which have been identified by the current U.S. strategy documents (identifiable) ; and third, unforeseen events that cannot be predicted which can create a shock to the system (uncertain).This book explains the best way to mitigate risk across a broad range of current, identifiable, and uncertain security challenges is to develop a national strategy that focuses on developing an adaptive, responsive economy.An adaptive, responsive economy is defined as an economy that adjusts and reacts appropriately to changing environmental conditions. Solving the strategic risk equation requires a shift of focus from the military element of U.S. power, towards the economic element of power. Therefore, the most important element of U.S. security strategy must be to recognize the U.S. economy as its Strategic Center of Gravity and enact policy to enable and protect the U.S. economy.This book explains why the economy must be an integral element of a future National Security Strategy and offer some domestic and foreign policy recommendations to enable and protect an adaptive, responsive economy.

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