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LIBERAL DEMOCRACY. This is the fourth in a series of texts on government and politics designed for students and the general reader (see author's other publications or a full list of titles). All the books interlink and cross-reference but are designed to stand alone. This fourth text continues the series with a detailed exploration of liberal democracy. A democracy of course is 'government of the people, by the people, for the people'. In a democracy 'the people' are sovereign. Majorities rule and (it is assumed) they rule OK. What then does the 'liberal' bit in a liberal democracy signify? This book explores this central question. The text opens with a clear statement of Aims and Learning Outcomes to give clarity and direction to your reading. The subsequent text is then divided into easy-to-read sections on: Liberalism and democracy The roots of liberty The forms of liberty The separation of Church and State Freedom of speech and expression Liberty and ‘rights’ – natural and human The forms of liberty Equal opportunities The text concludes with: Liberal democracy: a summary Review questions References The material is carefully designed to equip the reader with a basic political vocabulary, an appreciation of the significance of politics as an important, pervasive and irreplaceable activity involving us all and a comprehensive understanding of the principles and values of liberal democracy.

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