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Lowell Green presents a powerful persuasive well-documented and incredibly well researched argument for a substantial reduction in Canada's yearly intake of immigrants and refugees and an immediate halt to multiculturalism. Lowell minces no words in demonstrating how immigration has changed from the early 1990s - when about four European immigrants arrived here for every non-European - until today when it is exactly the opposite. He explains how the policies of the Mulroney and Chretien governments opened the immigration floodgates in the 1990s. And how since then immigration isn't working for Canada or for the immigrants many of whom are still on welfare after many years in this country. The evidence that Lowell presents that multiculturalism has become a form of colonization in our major cities severely straining our social services and infrastructures is highly controversial but difficult to refute. So too his assertion that even as mass immigration and multiculturalism strengthen Quebec's distinct and French language and culture the rest of Canada is committing cultural suicide. His claim that many of the cultures we are importing are repositories of ignorance superstition repression cruelty and injustice especially towards women will infuriate many a bleeding heart!

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