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Written by a former Fortune reporter and one of Mitt Romneys classmates at Harvard Business School, this book gives an insiders view of the Republican candidate for President that few people know or understand. Written with a light touch, but serious bite, the author details the journey of Romney as he lead a privileged life along the "Golden Path" towards exclusive membership in "Club Wall Street." We get to know Mitt the preppy prankster, who came home one night only to have his mirror play a prank on him. As ambition got the better of him, Mitt no longer saw his own reflection in the mirror, but instead saw the reflection of the future King of Bain. We get an inner look at the competitive world of high finance and how Mitt Romneys cloistered life left him unable to understand or connect with those who live on Main Street USA. We come to see how the system looks from the inside out, and understand how good people are turned into vipers who only know how to reduce everything to numbers and “a yield.” We learn how the values of those who are members of Club Wall Street are shaped and bent towards the will of the bottom line. Acting out the role of the King of Bain, Romney exploited and extracted wealth from “the system,” all in the interest of personal gain. In perhaps the most revealing aspect of the book, we see the powerful and peculiar influence Mitt Romney’s Mormon religion has had over his life. This book is a must read for anyone who really wants to understand what really makes Mitt Romney tick.

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