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More Mirth Wind & Ire speaks to the reality that its predecessor, "Mirth, WInd, and Ire" did not and could not cover all the critical and social issues left unresolved by America and her law-makers over the last three to four decades. A book of essays that uses mostly local confrontations as case histories to illustrate national and international problems, "More Mirth Wind and Ire" changes two key elements from "Mirth, Wind, and Ire." First it presents the essays in a broader framework placed within the title subjects rather than within randomly chosen title subjects. Secondly, it offers the reader, or groups of readers, a discussion guide to help either think more critically about a subject or begin some action towards its resolution. The author offers himself and his multi-decade experience in the intergroup relations field as a teacher, guide, mentor, to those who wish to take a crack at problem resolution. The beauty of the essay format is that each essay is short, compact, and complete. Thus the reader can put the book down at any point and pick it back up without the worry of remembering plot lines and characters. "More Mirth Wind & Ire" is meant to be an easy but thoughtful read.

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