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Political behaviour involves the study of processes and factors like political culture, political socialization, political ideologies, political communication, political participation, leadership, decision-making and even political violence. It is in this lucid manner that this book will teach you political behaviour. It clearly explains political culture. It sheds light on the types of political culture like the parochial, subject, participant and mixed cultures. It throws light on the components of political culture like the cognitive orientation, affective orientation and evaluative orientation. It analyzes political socialization. It discusses the agents of political socialization like the family, school, peer group and mass media. It appraises leadership. It throws light on the types of leadership. It evaluates followership. It casts light on the types of followership. It discusses political participation. It highlights the forms of political participation. It explains why men participate in politics. It identifies political apathy. It examines the forms of political apathy. It analyzes voting behaviour. It outlines why the voters cast their vote, and what make them vote for a particular party or candidate. It explores political elite. It asserts that the elite is founded on three principles, the three Cs (3Cs), viz. class consciousness, class circulation, and class conspiracy. It maintains that what exist are the governments by the few, and not the governments by the majority.

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