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Political philosophy is an effort to clarify thought about the nature of a subject and about the ends and means in studying it. Political philosophy aims at enhancing linguistic clarity and to reducing linguistic confusion. It is in this lucid manner that this book will teach you political philosophy. It clearly explains liberty. It identifies the types of liberty. It throws light on the fundamental human rights and their application in modern States. It analyzes equality. It sheds light on the various types of equality. It appraises legal equality. It analyzes political equality. It discusses economic equality. It explores social equality in modern States. It appraises justice. It casts light on the sources of justice. It identifies the various types of justice. It evaluates legal justice, political justice, economic justice and social justice in modern States. And it explores common good in a lucid manner. It highlights the connections between common good and public interest. It examines the liberal, Communitarian and Marxist views of common good.

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