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    This book is about the mistakes and errors that the author experienced and witnessed in Europe during World War II. The author has had feelings of sorrow about the soldiers who died needlessly and the possibility that the war might have ended sooner. The book contains both what actually happened and what might have happened. It is beyond belief that a fighting Third United States Army under the command of Patton would be stripped of food, fuel and supplies to stop him from fighting The book then moves to the post World War II Cold War and how it might have been different had General Patton been allowed to fight. An interview with a doctor who came here from Yugoslavia provides details about how life was there. The few veterans who were there and still living will recall many of the events in the book. The book is written in the memory of the soldiers who died needlessly or were wounded because of the failure of command. Also, this book is meant to be a lasting tribute to a man who was the true warrior, the best general we have ever produced and the general who the Germans feared the most, General George S. Patton, Jr., Commander of the Third United States Army.

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