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POPULAR DEMOCRACY. This is the third in a series of texts on government and politics designed for students and the general reader (see author's other publications for a full list of titles). This book continues the series with an in-depth examination of majoritarian democracy and its central, core tenet - the 'sovereignty of the people' and all that that implies for political structures, processes and priorities. The text opens with a clear statement of Aims and Learning Outcomes to give clarity and direction to your reading. The subsequent text is then divided into easy-to-read sections on: Democracy and liberty One person, one vote, one value Democracy and voter participation Democracy and technology Direct and representative democracy Maximalist and minimalist views of democracy Electoral systems Who represents whom? It concludes with: Democracy – concepts and principles: a summary Review questions References The material is carefully designed to equip the reader with a basic political vocabulary, an appreciation of the significance of politics as an important, pervasive and irreplaceable activity involving us all and a comprehensive understanding of the structures, principles and processes of popular, majoritarian democracy.

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