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Power is the ability to make people do what they would not have done under normal circumstance. Power is the capacity to make people do what they would not otherwise have done. It is only when a person complies because of the threat of force is the relationship called power. It is in this lucid manner that this book will teach you power. It clearly explains the types of power like the political power, economic power and ideological power. It examines the sources of power like the election, inheritance and coup d’ état. It analyzes the types of authority like the political authority, traditional authority and charismatic authority. It examines sources of authority. It throws light on legitimacy. It discusses the sources of legitimacy like the constitution, tradition and charisma. It examines legitimacy as a factor of political stability in a State. It sheds light on sovereignty. It discusses the types of sovereignty like the internal, external, legal, political, de facto and de jure sovereignties. It examines the location of sovereignty in modern States. And it maintains that power is the central concept in the study of Politics. What men seek in politics is simply to obtain and exercise power.

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