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How can we humans dwell peacefully and comfortably at-home on Earth? It seems impossible. The Warrior vision which placed the image of the Atom Bomb’s Mushroom Cloud in the human psyche continues to evoke dreadful fear in every human heart. “Globalization” appears to mean the successful exporting of War-Without-End. The Religious, Secular and Scientific traditions and worldviews have all failed to provide a vision which does not have a self-annihilating apocalyptic ending. Everywhere people are seeking new answers. Some try to reform old traditions. More and more, however, are yearning for a new way to imagine what it means to be human as they strive to create a world where all people can live together, peacefully. Sensual Preciousness, Volumes 1 and 2, introduces the Earthfolk and their vision and practices of a vision of intimacy. This is a fundamentally distinct way of understanding what it means to be human, and how humans as individuals and communities can interact with each other. Sensual Preciousness offers a vision to all who are concerned about the worldwide upheavals in the economic, cultural, political and spiritual transformation termed “globalization.” It offers an emotional and intellectual analysis which is accompanied by personal rituals and practices for experiencing one’s sensual preciousness. This is written for a popular audience. It serves the intelligent reader who is seeking deep answers for the Big Questions about where humanity is going and how he or she can live, in a world in tumult, in harmony with the vision articulated by the Earthfolk.

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