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VOLUME 2Landing in Havana, the escapees learn of a devastating US missile attack on the Guantánamo police station – aimed at them, which has killed and injured numerous Cuban citizens. Under tight security, the PCC interviews the five escapees – while secretly negotiating with the US.This part of the story reveals how the escapees arrived at Camp Delta; what made the US army interrogator organise this escape; and the CIA Afghanistan Operation Cyclone, where Randy and Zulfiqar first met. We learn from Roxana of the Palestinian people’s historical conflict with Israel, from Mubarak about his extra-ordinary rendition tortures, and Iftekhar provides the physical and analytical explanations of Camp Delta. Running alongside the interviews are the US-Cuban secret negotiations, the blossoming love between Roxana and Iftekhar, the safe-house scenes, and build up to Luisa’s special CDR event. This turns out to be an open discussion between the five and Cuban students at the Universidad de La Habana, covering many of the issues of God versus atheism. Secret negotiations fail and international developments explode. US accuses Cuba of organising the escape, amidst frenetic media coverage like the Iraq invasion of 2003. Cuba is accused of possessing WMDs and of having links with al-Qaeda. The Cuban government fears and prepares for full-scale North American invasion. – First ending of Synthesis. ===SYNTHESISSynthesis is the story of five escapees from US Guantanamo in Oct. 2004 that unravels through to June, 2017. Over half of the book is the escapees’ unfolding adventure story under Cuban jurisdiction and the various international repercussions that follow. The second half exposes the connections between the war on terror, the 2008 banking crash, the military-industrial complex, and US-NATO regime change policies. All driven by a 40-year neoliberal agenda transferring wealth and power from ordinary people to the top 1%, and corporations. This is an epic-sized book (202k + 67k in Refs), which is set out in Five Volumes. Synthesis is bold and provocative. It will inform and enlighten the reader to question everything they’re told, and encourage them to think for themselves. The book mostly uses plain language (some very strong language), and there are two different endings to the five escapees’ story, as well as a third overall ending to the entire big picture story.

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