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Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.Soldiers in the military, freedom fighters and civilians on the battlefield benefit by reading documented cyber-war zone operations described in this handbook.The objective of this e-book is to try and stop the war or terrorism by covertly providing the terrorism networks and generals on the battlefield cyber-war psychology and marketing tools that can be used as weapons to help prevent the killing of people.As a battlefield commander when you create your article report emailed to other decision makers on both sides of the battlefield you may help create a positive impression and empower all the people involved in the war zone operations. The Freedom Fighters Handbook shares information on a Quantum Energy Star Wars cyber operation programs launched directly into the center of the war zone in the Middle East.The e-book is packed with many online pictures and newspaper articles and video links to help the reader better understand the covert digital cyber warfare operations. The e-book operations are a detail report about a civilian "covert–knock freedom fighter spy" that once worked for the CIA under the Bush Administration, and now decided to re-enter the war zone and go it on his own through the internet and wage his cyber-war on war and terrorism in the battlefield arena.Through the implementation of emails, launched as psychological digital weapon rockets into the minds of the decision makers in the war zone that are creating the battlefield environment; new psychology science shaping battlefield quantum energy formulas in the environment are created covertly.The Freedom Fighter Handbook displays covert operations in the internet fighting the people orchestrating the killings while also providing three easy to understand psychology e-books inside of the "Freedom Fighter Handbook". There are over 500 pages and hundreds of psychology and marketing ideas that can be used to educate the cyber war freedom fighter.This powerful e-book "The Freedom Fighter Handbook" is an example of a 21st Century weapon. A brilliant read for people interested in psychological empowerment or economic empowerment or politics or terrorism implemented in the war zones in the Middle East.

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