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What is the primary source of the world’s discontent, of all the toxins that poison the progress of humanity? What is the social unit by which the Power Elite enforce their policy of divide and rule to ensure that the people never rise up and overthrow them? What is the mechanism for the transmission of harmful, irrational and dangerous religious beliefs such as those of the Christians, Muslims and Jews? The answer is the same in every case - THE FAMILY. The family is the ultimate sacred cow. Yet what is the archetypal “nuclear” family other than two mediocre parents and a spoiled, consumerist pair of children? How can this be the unit of human progress? How can this express humanity’s yearning to reach for the stars, to create a bridge to heaven and form a Community of Gods? The family, as the core unit of society, is a catastrophe. And what about all of the failed families, the dysfunctional families, the families of the underclass? What positive contribution are these legions of defective families making? Aren’t they just a permanent drain on resources and a breeding ground of criminality? Surely the human race can have an alternative to the family. Surely people can be offered a choice. This book, by the Pythagorean Illuminati, explores the ideas of the radical 19th century French thinkers Henri de Saint-Simon and Charles Fourier. Did these utopian visionaries, advocates of a much more communitarian approach to life, offer the solution to humanity’s ills? Should Fourier’s concept of the “phalanx” - the perfect community - be the new basis of society? Is the kind of psychological profiling championed by Fourier, whereby like-minded people can be brought together as friends while natural enemies are kept separate, the key to stable, prosperous, happy communities and societies? Can “phalanx” communities be used to revolutionize politics and give people the sort of local autonomy and bespoke political systems they crave? What is the “Panther Party” and can its meritocratic principles offer a new political paradigm? What are the great psychological experiments that show that human beings are a deeply unpleasant and self-deluded bunch? Is the Wizard of Oz the story of the Illuminati? Is Sarah Palin an Illuminist? Is the current government of the UK the perfect representation of the Privileged Elite? Study the incredible links between the members of the British ruling regime, and see how astonishingly similar they all are. What is the Piers Gaveston Society? Do you stand a chance in life if you have not gone to the right schools, colleges and universities, nor joined the right clubs and societies? What is the secret army that can liberate humanity? Is George Orwell’s dystopian novel "Nineteen Eighty-Four" the classic study of the world we live in today? It’s time to wake up. It’s time for the truth. The Pythagorean Illuminati have resisted the Power Elite for millennia. Join the freedom fighters. Embrace the truth.

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