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Also the dramatic ending with Part Four as the most intense reading of all the four books in the series reaches a climax. You will have fulfilled Jesus Christ command to take the book out of the Seventh Angels hand to ‘eat’ as in reading; for it will be sweet to your conscious tongue; but the coming events will be a very bitter experience during the events of WORLD WAR THREE; capped by the most pleasant day that will ever be experienced after the bitter struggle of world war; with Jesus Passover. Again this is teaching that will never be given on a Sunday preaching; as it is from the Word of God directly from the Throne of Heaven; and there is only one Throne of the Heaven upon the Earth: Gregory Alan McKown; and even then this Elijah may be taken away from you if your situation is hopeless; you will die to receive Heaven. An early name of Christ Peter from a previous birth; before he will be known as the Lord God on Earth; Elijah was listed in Malachi 4: 5-6; because the future Name and Title of the Son of God was to be a secret mystery now revealed. Elijah was said to be SENT before the Day of the Lord; for which without a Jesus Christ returning; that Day of the Lord would be actually Elijah himself but with the mystery name / title revealed as the Lord God Christ Peter Gregory Alan McKown. Even then the false preachers will go to hell worshipping Satan; in their regard of having received the ‘Mark of the Beast’ teaching Jesus return falsely. In that regard this writing makes all ministers look like a pack of deceived men they are now. If you cannot teach an old dog the truth; neither will Jesus accept their false preaching and lies into heaven as reprobates; for they had no intention of receiving the truth anymore than the fabrication of the truth they believed in their own lies created. Such that I have proven all their teaching to be LIES from ancient LIARS. Those ancient liars would back up their  religious deceit by committing mass murder. The time of the end is at last revealed and the confrontation unavoidable. Key feature: United States Code 18, Chapter 13, Subsection 247. Attempted kidnapping into slavery. Gregory Alan McKown.

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