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As long as you are incapable to distinguish what exists from what does not exist, and to know what existence is in the first place, then you are doomed to fall into beliefs of all kind, whatever anyone wants you to believe and do throughout life. …Because those around you and the entire Society will draw you into their dogma, and through it they will use you throughout life for all purposes, in every manner! …Because the inexistent leads to ignorance, ignorance leads to beliefs, beliefs lead to ideologies and dogma, while ideologies and dogma lead to servitude. This is how you lose your freedom throughout life, and it happens a lot! …And it always starts with you being incapable to define what it is from what it is not, what exists from what it does not, and respectively, what it is true from what is wrong. Let us see what the world knows about Existence! …Because now, after ages of human civilization, this is what it is known: what exists exists, and what does not exist does not exist! …Or here is something even more remarkable: ‘I think, therefore I am!’ …And now these trivial statements are being repeated throughout books and elaborated studies, as variations on the same theme, with the whole world feeling comfortable with the level of knowledge in this particular subject. …Zero! …Yet go to places like Area 51, to see there what really exists in the world! Someone is being taken for a ride here! …The whole world probably? What we want in this book is to find genuine facts. What is Existence? Do other worlds exist? …How? Where? How do you get there? …Now prove it! …Because simple beliefs are insufficient to help you understand the wider world in all its details. It is the job of Science to study, understand, and explain Existence rigorously, yet Science remains ignorant of all imperative subjects, including Existence. The purpose of this book is to study Existence entirely through valid facts, from all perspectives and in all circumstances, in order to be able to understand it completely. Furthermore, we use Existence to define, understand, and explain everything else. …And since Existence stands at the base of everything that exists in the world, this accounts for everything indeed.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2017
    • Ano:  2017
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2020105061247
    • ISBN:  9781370379293

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