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An introspectively sourced philosophical reasoned argument advocating in favor and in defense of unrestricted or otherwise un impinged personal Death Rights. Such advancing understandings of sole death rights legitimacy, including arguing in defense of deaths concept legitimacy itself. However such death rights in societal reality egregiously denied, limiting and impinged due societal political bureaucratic failures, rising to the difficult societal challenging interests at hand, a denial of death rights by bureaucracy failures to engage. And as result of such political societal failures to facilitate and protect personal death rights, indifferently and egregiously impinging upon such sole ownership death rights of the most helpless, rights granted at birth to all living things. My advocate viewing of death, possibly either prematurely tragic and therefore to be avoided or conversely our eagerly awaited arriving union with a compassionate friend. Death essentially a benign status, harmless and not to be feared, as death remaining completely innocent of all erroneous fears, charges and negative perceptions attributed to such manifestation of natures true genius.Just think of the genius incorporated within natures strategy we call death, no appointments are necessary to be received by death, no waiting required for death embrace, all are welcome within death, death is always open, no applicant is ever turned away from crossing over death’s threshold, no politics are involved in the status of death itself, no entrance fees are required to be received by death, always room remaining available for all within deaths embrace. We may arrive at deaths door without notice and every applicant for deaths need shall be accepted with total compassion. We as candidate shareholders of life and therefore guaranteed at birth, natures such genius status death, not withstanding existing bureaucratic impingement. My argument, death is granted to all living things at the first moments of birth, buttressed by one rational indisputable reality of life, from the very first moments of birth and on wards any and all living things may die at any time without, permission, without application, lost and unknown, no matter where, when, why, how, alone, in company, in the middle of the oceans, and even if alone on another planet. The only possible way that any life form could have been granted such absolute and overwhelming right to personal death, solely only at the first moment of birth. We ourselves could never be capable of conceiving such ending of life strategy, never the less putting such strategy into place, nature’s such strategy based on need, on desire, on circumstance and on compassion, such commonly semantically referred to as death.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2017
    • Ano:  2017
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001114463703
    • ISBN:  9781370874439

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