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Femophobia is one of the boldest books ever to be published. No doubt you will experience some extreme feelings as you read it.This book demonstrates that the contemporary euphoria over a flourishing liberation of women is an illusion. Women today appear to be liberated, yet in effect they oppress themselves, and as a result we, men and women alike, suffer.The extensive victimization of women has been examined in numerous books. What we are about to do here is both challenging and transformational – stepping out from the shadow of victim and victimizer altogether, into true empowerment. This we will achievenot by merely paying lip service to the ending of victimhood, as is fashionable, but rather by daring to look into the spine-chilling dungeons where we have concealed the inner contempt and slaughter of the Feminine.Let us not be surprised if the journey on which this book takes us, is at times hard to bear, compelling us to resist and fight. We must remember that the very courage to read, to explore, investigate and unearth, is the beginning of healing. As the numbers of readers, explorers and investigators rise, so will the chance of making a much needed change in society as well as in our personal lives.The book unearths and alerts us to the numerous forms that fear of the Feminine assumes today: from the current masculinization of women, to their intense hostility towards their bodies; the vendetta against fat and the medical secrets it holds; the fear of softness; society’s psychophysiological love affair with the Masculine, with force and hardness in every shape; the reign of testosterone in matter and manner; how Vagina became Penis in disguise; femophobia and tattoos, body-piercing, body-building and sport; the biochemical war of the sexes; the spermic speed of modern life and its price; the exaltation of mind in the fight against the body; body parts and tissue chauvinism; the conquest of menstruation; the masculinization of our very senses, of our perception, of sex; the penetration of violence into the mind of every adult and child; the inner misogyny – women against themselves; how equality succumbed to identicality; the fear of true power; the pain and war addicts we have become.The Feminine is dying, and unless we awaken to this, so may we.Now more than ever it is imperative that we allow the Feminine back into the frantic race our lives have become, so as to halt the escalation of our distress symptoms and restore our lost balance.From the book:“For women, the denial of their nature and basic absence of self-acceptance which current beauty standards reveal, affects every area of their life. No external modification can assuage that absence for long. The subject of plastic surgery, for example, has been explored on air by, among others, American chat-show celebrity Oprah Winfrey. Ms Winfrey has bravely contributed so much to raising awareness on numerous controversial issues worldwide. However, with seemingly undisguised awe for the cleverness of technology and the human mind in its reform of the body, she had a series of lofty experts on her shows, explaining how even gynecologists frequently see it as part of their medical service to advise women to undergo a ‘tummy tuck’ while having their wombs removed”.A lifeline is provided in this book, by helping us awaken to our insidious fear of the Feminine. The reader becomes aware of the ways in which we bolster the flammable instability of our hyper-masculine living, and is given the tools to bring about real and positive change.For the sake of our children and the future of this planet, we must wake up to the universal imbalance which stems from femophobia – the fear of the Feminine.This is a survival handbook.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001041878236
    • ISBN:  9781311190116

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