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The golden anniversary edition of THEORY OF COLLECTIVE BEHAVIOR from Quid Pro Books is a modern republication of a sociological and social psychology classic. Adding a reflective new Preface by the author and an extensive, analytical Foreword by MIT's Gary Marx, it is an authorized and painstaking edition—not just scanned and forgotten like most such reprints today. It features quality formatting such as linked footnotes, legible and linked tables, active contents, an extensive bibliography (including updating references for the new Foreword), and a complete index. Moreover, the original page numbers are embedded into the text for continuity of syllabi and referencing. Please look at a sample of other publishers' editions—at any price—and note the rampant t^yp05, distracting lack of formatting, and footnotes jumbled with text. They are practically unusable. Quid Pro offers the authorized edition, prepared with pride (the cover shows Jerome Carlin's painting of revolutionary leaders). As Gary Marx notes in his 2011 Foreword, "The book is elegant, original, carefully crafted and forcefully argued. In its totality, it is a fine example of an effort to define a field, identify major types and systematically connect central variables. This is done to organize an amorphous collection of behaviors that seem to be intuitively linked, but which had not previously enjoyed an equivalent framework for identifying those links. Smelser's innovative treatment of the form known as the craze nicely illustrates this. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of economic history and applying stages of the value-added process, he shows commonalities across areas previously seen as distinct—such as economic swings, expressive crowds and fads and fashion—and offers a systematic way to differentiate these from other forms. The sense of craftsmanship and the care in construction can serve as a model for theorizing and for the effort to both acknowledge and yet reduce the indeterminacy of social phenomena." Marx concludes, "As 2011 events such as the Tsunami in Japan and the unexpected uprisings in the Middle East suggest, the importance of the field and the need to advance knowledge is not just historical. This book remains a rich contribution toward that advancement." Also available in quality new paperback and hardcover editions from Quid Pro Books (with the same cover). These, too, feature embedded pagination consistent with the ebook edition and with prior publications of this famous text of sociology. This facilitates ready use in classes and research.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2011
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001120817620
    • ISBN:  9781610270854

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