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A Mad Men Mixer an obscenely and obsessively detailed guide to Mad Mens intoxicating debut season.We mix it up and break it down:The charactersWho is Don Draper? This is the story of Mad Men in many ways, but from there we expand to major players such as Betty Draper, Pete Campbell, Roger Sterling, Joan Holloway, and Peggy Olson. But of course we cant neglect those who made Season One a blast, such as Helen and Glen Bishop, Dr. Arnold Wayne, and Lois "ciao ciao" Sadler.The relationshipsSo much of the power and resonance of Mad Men comes from how real the relationships feel. Roger and Joan, Don and Rachel Menken and Midge Daniels (and dont forget Betty!), Peggy and Pete. Head back with us and enjoy it all again with sparkling perspective and refreshing insights.The art of advertisingRewind and unwind with the Power Moves and Master of the Universe moments that Don unleashes upon Sterling Coopers clients, and get up close and personal with the creative process, the art of the pitch, and the backstabbing and hobnobbing thats simply a day in the life for the mad men of Madison Avenue. (And dont forget to take off your shoes before entering Bert Coopers office!)American life, 60s-styleWhat was it like to live in New York in 1960? Pretty swell… if youre white and male and a partner at a thriving ad agency. We dial into the demanded conformity and isolation of family life in the suburbs, the smoky and whiskey-soaked office life in Manhattan, and ask fun questions like: how often do Don and Betty brush their teeth?The history and politicsThis is this 60s before they were "The 60s," when the choice was Kennedy Kennedy Kennedy! versus a pre-tricky Dick Nixon for the White House.The technologyHead back with us to the days when "call waiting" was simply an awkward way of saying youre waiting for a phone call.The entertainment and artsWhat books and movies and TV shows and music were influential to Mad Mens characters?Moments of hilarityFor a drama, Mad Men certainly delivers its share of comedy. Harry Crane hanging out with Don in his tighty whities? Yes, we have that covered.Iconic sights and production notesFor the Mad Men obsessives (come on, join the club with us!): filming locations, vintage props, and insight from Mad Mens cast and crew.Questions and tidbitsFrom the big picture to the nitty gritty. How does Pete know where to find brand new Sterling Cooper employee Peggys apartment on the night of his bachelor party? How does Don stay in shape? Where does Joan rank in the Sterling Cooper hierarchy? How have Peggy and Kenny Cosgroves relationship evolved from the time of Belle Jolie to Topaz in Season Four? We need to know the answers to these things, and were guessing you do as well!

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    • Ano de Edição: 2011
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000173814297
    • ISBN:  9781452469379

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