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Veterans Affairs Whistleblower Retaliation Book Description:I wanted to help Veterans. Instead, I was retaliated against.V.L. Mission is a proud supporter of the U.S. Military and the Military Community. V.L. Mission acts as an advocate for positive change within the military community whenever possible. V.L. Mission is a military Veteran, a military spouse and lives within the military community. It is the intention of V.L. Mission to draw attention to issues that matter with the hope of bringing forth real and desperately needed change that will aid the military community, improve our national security and ultimately benefit our nation, the United States of America.In “Veterans Affairs Whistleblower Retaliation”, I draw from my extensive professional and personal experience to help you and have included:•   Scenarios that I experienced that may better prepare you for a variety of anxiety producing situations at Veterans Affairs. •    47 questions that I was repeatedly asked by the assigned "investigator" more accurately referred to as an interrogator during my 7.5 hour Veterans Affairs, Office of Resolution Management, Equal Employment Opportunity “interview” or more accurately interrogation during the Veterans Affairs “internal investigation” aka cover up. •    Information about the rigged Veterans Affairs Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) complaints.•    Information on the rigged EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.•    Detailed explanations of the rigged various formalized complaint processes. •    A detailed chapter about the for most part pointless and rigged Office of Special Counsel (OSC).•    Details about my experiences with our  Congressional representatives. *  Tips, resources and information throughout the various chapters.•    An inside look at the dark underbelly of Veterans Affairs.•    Developing a whistleblower network.•    The living hell that may ensue once misconduct is reported.•    AFGE Union•    A detailed chapter about formal grievances inside of Veterans Affairs.•    Veterans Affairs management and mismanagement.•    Constructive Discharge•    A self care chapter is included.•    An inside look at bullying, mobbing and cyber bullying inside of Veterans Affairs.•    The reality of legal fees. •    Hiring and Firing lawyers.•    The media and the reporters/journalists•    The role of persistence and perserverence in the life of a Veterans Affairs whistleblower.•    Collecting Evidence.•    An extraordinary education for you about “Veterans Affairs Whistleblower Retaliation”.•    Comprehensive resource list at the end of the book.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2018
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001111427654
    • ISBN:  9781536585735

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