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Would you like the ability to read other peoples’ minds? Predict the future? Give incredible demonstrations that would strike awe into any audience? In Mind - will give you this ability – guaranteed. With the popularity of the excellent American crime drama “The Mentalist” there has been a resurgence of interest in what may be termed “tricks of the mind”. Patrick Jane is a mentalist who works for the California Bureau of Investigation. Week in and week out he solves murders using his techniques of mentalism. In Mind will teach you the amazing techniques of mentalism. Do you want to be a mentalist? Mentalism or Mind Reading is the most exciting performing art. Once you dazzle your friends, family and acquaintances with a series of devastating seemingly psychic feats – they will forever hound you until you agree to give an encore. Wherever you go you will be pursued, pested and plagued by people who yearn to see you perform. It will change your life forever. EVERY ROUTINE IN THIS BOOK WILL ALSO BE SHOWN ON VIDEO WITH AN ONLINE LINK– so as well as reading this revolutionary material – you will also have access to live performances and explanations. In essence – you are getting a free DVD! The term “psychological magic” has also become quite popular in recent years, perhaps reflecting a style of presentation in which results are achieved through the use of psychological techniques, rather than via a magician’s trickery. Mentalist Derren Brown has stated on his TV show that results are obtained through a combination of “magicians’ techniques, showmanship, misdirection and psychology”. This is undoubtedly true, but the implication that these performers actually use more psychology than trickery (as opposed to say a children’s magician or a comedy magician) is most definitely not true. All magical performers use these elements in some combination or another. The difference is that in mentalism it is implied and presented in a way - that psychology is the main methodology. In all the techniques and routines throughout this book you will convince people that you have an ability to read faces like a book. You will convince them that every mannerism – every twitch, blink, smile frown, every eye movement – every expression – gives you an insight into their minds. You will also ask them to repeat some “keywords” which will also give you an insight into their thoughts. While performing you will keep these two concepts uppermost – FACBOOK and KEYWORDS. This will make your role as mentalist believable. You never claim to be “psychic” – you claim to be intuitive. Every face is like a book – and you have spent years developing this facebook technique. So I offer you something rather unique –In Mind - How to be a Mentalist. Prepare to learn some of the most powerful and closely guarded secrets in mentalism. You will be equipped with an arsenal of stunning and devastating mindreading effects that you can unleash on your audiences – large and small. Once you start there is no turning back. The existence you have known up until now will be changed forever.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2012
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2020102933905
    • ISBN:  9781301530618

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