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The book has an active table of contents for readers to access each chapter directly. In 1934, Paul Weiss, an American philosopher, the founder of The Review of Metaphysics, and the Metaphysical Society of America, called Charles Peirce "the most original and versatile of American philosophers and America's greatest logician". In 1943, Webster's Biographical Dictionary added Charles Peirce’s introduction as "now regarded as the most original thinker and greatest logician of his time." Max Fisch, a well-known writer of identity, individuality, responsibility, morality, and political commitment, commented Charles Peirce as the follow: “Who is the most original and the most versatile intellect that the Americas have so far produced? The answer Charles S. Peirce is uncontested, because any second would be so far behind as not to be worth nominating. He was mathematician, astronomer, chemist, geodesist, surveyor, cartographer, metrologist, spectroscopist, engineer, inventor; psychologist, philologist, lexicographer, historian of science, mathematical economist, lifelong student of medicine; book reviewer, dramatist, actor, short story writer; phenomenologist, semiotician, logician, rhetorician and metaphysician.” Without any doubt, Charles Peirce is in the row of the best minds with Henry George, William James, Thorstein Veblen, and Ludwig Wittgenstein. In 1896, Charles Peirce published a remarkable book to his theory of algebra and logic THE REGENERATED LOGIC. In this book, Peirce further answered the logic of relative terms and studied relations as represented in symbolic forms known as rhemes, rhemata, or relative terms. Peirce argued that the treatment of relations by way of their corresponding relative terms and presented a distinctive perspective on the subject. The axiom proposed by Peirce is that all angles of approach must ultimately converge on the same formal subject matter. Charles Peirce through the book  THE REGENERATED LOGIC pushed the logic of relative terms into a radically new phase of development. This work certainly made the algebra of logic more elegant. The book is also one of the major achievements of the nineteenth century in the foundations of mathematics and it is important for understanding Peirce's classification of the sciences. This is a must-read book to understand the foundational thought of Math, Logic, and Philosophy by Charles Peirce, one of the greatest philosophers and logicians in the world.  

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