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Flash fiction consists of writing an entire story in a thousand words or less. This constraint imposes significant restrictions on what the writer can do, but written right, flash fiction tales can pack power way out of proportion to their length. The tricks and techniques needed to write effective flash fiction, though, are different from those used for novel-length, or even traditional short stories. Until now, these tricks and techniques had to be learned the hard way...through the path of rejection.Author and editor Michael A. Kechula has written and sold hundreds of genre flash fiction stories, edited a flash fiction magazine, and mentored many flash fiction writers on their path to publication. Hes taken the insights hes gained through years of effort and the many thousands of flash fiction stories hes edited and judged, and distilled them into one volume: WRITING GENRE FLASH FICTION THE MINIMALIST WAY. In this self-study guide, Kechula takes the writer through the definition of flash and genre fiction, gives some useful starting points for coming up with story ideas, shows where the usual rules of fiction may need to be reversed (e.g., in flash fiction, we tell, not show), and provides powerful insight into making every word count...and into eliminating those words that dont pull their weight.Before becoming a flash fiction writer, Kechula wrote self-study guides for industry and his book is full of questions and exercises that encourage the writer to apply what theyre learning immediately, rather than wait until they have a project under way. This technique is an effective way of eliminating the dreaded blank page syndrome that often makes it difficult for writers to break through and actually get their story written.I found WRITING GENRE FLASH FICTION THE MINIMALIST WAY to be an effective and useful tool to help both beginning and experienced writers learn to pack their story with impact and overcome many of the objections that keep their stories from being bought.Here is what others are saying about Michael A. Kechula:* Mike Kechulas the real deal, a great writer who can actually teach writing. With the precision of a technical writer (which he is) hes analyzed and cracked the code of readable--and publishable--flash and micro fiction, and has been very generous sharing the secrets. Ive learned more about writing from Mike than any of a dozen paid courses Ive taken over the last five years, and have recommended him to several fledgling flash writers. If you want not only the basics of readable genre flash, but also a good model of how to analyze a market and master it, Mike can show you. (Valerie Kravette, USA)* Michael Kechula is a mentor to me. He took me under his wing and showed me the real way to write flash fiction. Ever since then I have been published in several magazines. I wouldnt have ever thought Id get published until I met him. (Calvin Seen, USA)* Your understanding of flash fiction taught me a tremendous amount in a very short time. Your examples and guidance will influence all my writing no matter the genre. Your detailed analysis and suggestions are invaluable. We are so fortunate to have someone of your caliber, knowledge, and patience to mentor us. (John Brooke, Mexico)* Under the guidance of Michael Kechula, who is the god of flash fiction writing, I developed my skills and found success in getting my stories published. (Nancy Cavanaugh, USA)

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    • Ano de Edição: 2011
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001033524295
    • ISBN:  9781602151383

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