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The author explains how high-paying jobs can easily be created within a small area, such as a town, village or city with a single Zip Code. There are 10,000,000 jobs at $25-$60/hr waiting for persons trained with a technical curriculum to fill the jobs, even higher wage rates for individuals who rise to the top of this new profession. Person's voice has been heard. When running for the U.S. Presidency during 2008, Person communicated with Obama's campaign managers and urged them to have Obama adopt Person's technical-training reform. Much to Person's surprise, on 3/9/15President Obama announced his initiative for a nationwide program of teaching technical skills. Listed below are the chapter headings: Foreword Preface Introduction Why High-Paying Jobs and Any Jobs Are Hard to Find The Economy Is Not Fair - Doctors and Engineers Are Driving Taxicabs Competition is the Solution Today's Hourly Range from $1,000,000 to $3 Should Change to $100,000 (High) to $10-$15 (Low) Find a Need and Fill It $50/Hour Jobs Licensing Laws Make It Difficult to Create the Required Program Voters Get What They Vote for Creating Grass Roots Prosperity Creating Prosperity in a Single Zip Code Creating 10,000,000 $50/Hour Jobs Jobs and Small Business = Pro$perity Creating $50/Hour Jobs in Your Town How to Get a $50/Hour Job in Your Town Author Created a Career Field in the US with 1,000,000 Now Employed Author is a High School Dropout and a Harvard Law School Attorney The Course is Technical and Not a Paralegal Course Author Has Been a Small Business Person for 69 Years If You Understand a Problem its Solution is Often Self Evident - The Small Business Problem for which $50/Hour Jobs is the Solution Small Business Shares its Problem with Small Government Agencies, Non-Profits, NGO's, Professional Firms and Religious Organizations Schools for Entrepreneurs is Not a Solution New Economy Requires Training in Computers, Software, Applications, Internet, Communications, Marketing and Regulation - Skills Needed by Most Small Entities College Costs - as High as $70,000/Year - Too High for Available Jobs to Repay Small-Entity Training @ $333/Year vs. $29,600/Year for K-12 Schools "Don't Bother Me" - the Cardinal Rule The Curriculum - 500 Hours for High School Seniors and for Adults How the Cost is so Low How Graduates Will Improve the Economy No Training Program in the US Exists at This Time Effect in a Town that Starts a Program How to Start Such a Program in NYS under the Home Rule Law Home Rule Laws in Other States Licensing Laws, Accreditation and Student Loans Will Make the Program Unworkable and Too Costly, and Stultified - Unable to Change as Needed Another Factor for Creating Prosperity is a Radio-Advertised Town Database Another Factor for Creating Prosperity is Free High-Speed Broadband for All Residents Another Factor for Creating Prosperity is an Area-Wide Payroll Service Another Factor for Creating Prosperity is a Locally-Owned "State Bank" Towns with These Factors Have More and Higher-Paying Jobs, More and More- Profitable Small Businesses, Higher Real-Estate Values, and Substantially Higher Average Incomes and Prosperity If it Works Out in One Town (or ZIP Code) the Adjoining Towns (and ZIP Codes) Will Demand the Same Reforms Competition is the Way to Cure "Too Big to Fail" and Small Business Growth and Prosperity Provide the Needed Competition How to Obtain Local Reforms When Voters Only Have the Right to Veto Legislation Carl E. Person's Curriculum for 500- Hour Training Program for $25-$60/Hour Jobs President Obama's Hi-Tech Training Initiative Announced 3/9/15 Related Websites by Carl E. Person Related Videos by Carl E. Person Appendix-1 - List and Description of Job- Related YouTube Videos by Carl E. Person Appendix-2 - Text from Carl E. Person's Ballot Initiative for a Free Technical Training Program in Hudson, New York Appendix-3 - Text from Carl E. Person's Ballot Initiative for $50,000/Year Radio Advertising by Hudson of a Local Key-Word Advertising Website for Residents and Small Businesses

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    • Assunto: Pedagogia
    • Idioma: INGLÊS
    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000874939459
    • ISBN:  9781483551593

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