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55 ‘Multiple-Choice’ Tests for Improving your Vocabulary Sample This Multiple-choice Test -- 01 Many motorists abandoned their vehicles and waded through knee-deep water which ________________ on carriageways. (a). implemented (b). consisted (c). congested (d). accumulated (e). involved Officials have cited ________________ of funds to complete normal maintenance work. (a). inimitability (b). distinctiveness (c). paucity (d). exclusivity (e). creativity _______________ to heat causes skin disease and other fungal infections. (a). disclosure (b). exposure (c). revelation (d). coverage (e). reporting Authorities imposed curfew-like restrictions and suspended mobile internet services to contain the ________________ situation. (a). immense (b). infinitesimal (c). volatile (d). steady (e). unwavering Do not hesitate to speak the truth, however ________________ it might be. (a). unpalatable (b). endowed (c). inedible (d). capricious (e). perched It would be ________________ to talk of victory, not to mention absolute majority. (a). sheltered (b). premature (c). poised (d). fickleness (e). vacillation We have an ________________ talented team of writers on social media. (a). idiosyncratic (b). ululation (c). eglantine (d). immensely (e). experimental A car tore through the security ________________ laid around the road by the police. (a). boulevard (b). concourse (c). courtyard (d). patio (e). cordon They need to take prompt action in this matter to ________________ the interests of students. (a). annihilate (b). safeguard (c). obliterate (d). corroborate (e). gainsay Media ________________ from speculation due to sensitivity and seriousness of the issues. (a). persisted (b). endured (c). observed (d). vanished (e). refrained ANSWERS (d). accumulated -- (meaning)-- gathered together; amassed (c). paucity -- (meaning)-- shortage (b). exposure -- (meaning)-- no protection from harmful thing (c). volatile -- (meaning)-- unstable (a). unpalatable -- (meaning)-- unpleasant or unacceptable (b). premature -- (meaning)-- too early (d). immensely -- (meaning)-- greatly or hugely (e). cordon -- (meaning)-- barricade (b). safeguard -- (meaning)-- defend or protect (e). refrained -- (meaning)-- kept away from something; avoided

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