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This Book is Dedicated to all Military and to all People who love to learn, Filipino Language. Or try to take vacation in Philippines. If you master this two Languages you can go Anywhere in Philippines. With out getting worried get lost. Or with out your friend sell you out. A glass of Vodka. It is fun to know other languages beside English. You can easily communicate to the native people who is residence of that country. As you know if you visit other country and you speak their language. Their easy to trust you. And their having fun to be with you.. Why because they can communicate to you. But if you dont speak their languages. Some people are afraid of you, Why? Because for them you are the stranger and you might hurt them. Very important to know their languages So they can feel compatible . With you example American go to the mountain In Philippines. Then native Filipino who lives in there. Saw the blonde hair blue eyes. For them.. You are the scary. Because they dont see any people outside.. They might think you are from different planet. But if you speak their languages then tell them you are from America. Pages 2 They enjoy being with you and lead you the way where ever you want to go. As know people in the mountain. They dont have T.V or news paper they heard American but they dont see what they look like. So you are the totally extremely different with them. They dont have any Idea What American look like. But Im sure they always heard about Good story of American people.. When I went to Philippines for 30 days vacation 2002 I have blonde hair. All kid keep looking at me. Not only kid men and women too. Because in Calinog kind of far from American or tourist.. Its kind of conservative Area The only thing they know is Churches. No clubs maybe movie theater. Its better that way.. So when I walk to the flea Market In Philippines everyone stop and keep looking at me. when I speak their language. They are screaming. Their says ahh!!! American Maaram mag hambal Karay-A? It means.. American Speak Karay-A? I said to them, Oo insa? It means.. Yes Why? And at the same time I smile with them.. A lot of kid follow me. Wherever I go. They want to be friend with me. Then all those teen anger screaming. I feel like Im in Hollywood for sure.. They have nothing to offer for you except Their friendship and Innocent. Because they are poor. But that friendship its worth of millions. Anyway. Its make you feel Good being in the middle of the crowd. And you say to your self. Ahh!! I feel like in Hollywood!!! And famous too. With this people make you happy.. Seeing them around you. Trust me. I have too many friend.. And they are from different country. The people that always like the person who can speak their languages.. We try to learn their languages atleast we understand them. Peace to the whole world. Contact Authors. Aida Payton. 904-726-7132 Fax 904-551-3690 To order This Book 904-726-7132 You can order Journey of the Innocent light bearer of the world to this Number. 904-726-7132

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    • Ano de Edição: 2013
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2020101565749
    • ISBN:  9781483654140

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