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For the first time in history, the Masters of Wisdom have opened their treasury of secret knowledge to reveal the highest Teaching. This Teaching will empower you to transform yourself and the world through awakening the omnipotent power hidden in your heart. Existing since time immemorial and called Surya-Vidya in antiquity, this Teaching taught the most worthy people about the sacred meaning of the heart as the sun of their universe — an inexhaustible source of perfect wisdom and divine power. However, humanity was not ready to accept the prevailing role of the heart. Therefore, the Teaching of the Heart has been kept secret and remained the prerogative of only the chosen few — those spiritual teachers who have proclaimed the omnipotence of the pure and loving heart. The time has come to awaken humanity to the almighty treasure we possess because its infinite possibilities can radically change not only individual lives, but also the entire suffering world for the better. This mission has been undertaken by the Greatest Teacher known as the Great Heart — the Lord of Love and Compassion, the King of the legendary kingdom of Shambhala hidden in the Himalayas. He is Maitreya for some, Christ for others, and the Mahdi for many more — He is the promised Messiah of all religions. Before coming into the world, He has given The Teaching of the Heart, making it accessible to everyone for daily use. Employing a spiral approach, the books of The Teaching of the Heart series reveal your heart’s secret powers and cover a wide range of topics from everyday life to travels within the Universe. Thus, in the books published so far, you will: learn everything you have ever wanted to know about the Coming of the Messiah and receive His first teachings that will be expanded in the following books (Book 1) experience a Divine Miracle that was predicted by Edgar Cayce long ago and accurately came true, but remained wholly unnoticed by humanity (Book 2) understand the principles of creating a heart-centered society that will help you build proper relationships with other people (Book 3) discover the laws governing the Universe and how your own heart is connected with the Heart of the Cosmos (Book 4) find out about the Secret Government that rules our planet and how you yourself can become its colleague (Book 5) gain insight into the profound significance and unknown functions of your invisible energetic heart (Book 6) The Teaching of the Heart was written by Zinovia Dushkova, Ph.D., through a unique creative process called the fiery experience. She continues the spiritual tradition of the hidden Himalayan Masters who guided Helena Blavatsky and Helena Roerich to lead humanity from intellectual knowledge to the divine wisdom of the heart. “The love and light that seem to magically pour from the pages of prose are both beautiful and healing, and speak a message of hope.” — Alyssa Elmore, Readers’ Favorite “Reading the book’s sublime lines led my heart to tremble with joy. This book really has an amazing energy that affects the heart in a mysterious way.” — Michael Wilkin, Midwest Book Review “It is fresh and alive and as inspirational as any good spiritual work should be.” — Peter Morris, Spirituality Today “I sensed the music behind the words, it was as if I knew what was coming and felt my senses responding to the call.” — Bani Sodermark “[Zinovia Dushkova’s] book is an exquisite symphony of Love played on the strings of her heart directly to yours. ... Those with open, loving hearts will hear!” — Russell Walls “Words cannot do this work justice! This is a must read for the whole world!” — EH Godfrey If you would like to have a wise Teacher to guide you through life, offer uplifting advice, and help you fulfill your spiritual potential and true purpose, this book series is for you. Embark on a fascinating spiritual journey with the Greatest Master of Wisdom today to awaken the power of your heart!

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    • Formato:  ePub
    • Origem:  IMPORTADO
    • Editora: KWL
    • Coleção:  The Teaching of the Heart
    • Assunto: Esoterismo
    • Idioma: INGLÊS
    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Brazil
    • Código de Barras:  2001113009438
    • ISBN:  9785990826823

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