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The Lesser Sabbats: The Solstices. First Degree in Wiccan Witchcraft ___________________________ The solstices are the times of the year when the Sun reaches its most Southerly or Northern point, either at the Tropic of Capricorn or the Tropic of Cancer. These extremes of movement create the longest and shortest days. Most importantly they are responsible for creating the seasons; one hemisphere of the Earth receives a bit more solar energy each day, while the other half receives a little bit less. In this lesson you will learn about: The two annual solstice celebrations. - Midwinter Solstice or Yule - Midsummer Solstice or Litha Contents: 11.1 Introduction 11.2 What Exactly is a Solstice? 11.3 Midsummer Solstice or Litha 11.4 Modern Summer Solstice Celebrations 11.5 Midsummer Solstice Ceremony 11.6 Midwinter Solstice or Yule 11.7 Midwinter Solstice Ceremony 11.8 Making the Solstice Seasons Special 11.9 Research Project 11.10 Exercises 11.11 Making Herbal Charms 11.12 End Blessing 11.13 Notes 11.14 Appendices to Chapter7 Glossary of Wiccan & Witchcraft Terms Reading List

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