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The fundamental power associated with crystals arises from the understanding that the world around us is actually a deep projection realized by the Higher Self. By suitable practice crystals can be used to foster direct identity with that from which all derives. The immediate conscious connection of this understanding has been long lost, in the main, but far from being “objective” elements apart from the self, crystals represent a most immediate contact with the world and more particularly with other beings all of which are part of the same consciousness.Crystals can therefore promote the realization of “oneness” and they can, of course, function as soul-level healers. Some can be used when clarity is required in life allowing one to travel into those areas, where fears normally prevent exploration, to bring answers to life’s questions, and to allow clarity of thought. Certain crystals keep one clear and both stimulate and promote mental clarity. Others may put one in touch with the knowing and inner wisdom on the spiritual-level that is shared by the soul. They can allow one to become aware of personal spirituality as an expression of a force not subject to death. Therefore, from this realization the relationship of family is expanded and the universe is then seen merely as a thought-form within, a thought-form which we ourselves have created. We may then further realize that we are not objects moving around in an objective and external landscape but rather the universe with all its diversity is within us.To get to that stage however, we must know something about our spiritual consciousness and we must work steadily with crystals that are appropriate to our current circumstances. The first step in breaking down the age-old barrier of ignorance that separates the ego-self from its own true nature is to entertain the belief that this just might be so. To allow oneself to think (if only for a moment) that the “objective world” that we all see around us is nothing but a thought-form having exactly the same nature as a dream, is the attitude required to begin with. Practice with suitable crystals will do the rest as they will open the “impervious rind of ignorance” we have built around ourselves and bit by bit the inner-self, magnified by the influence of our crystal partners, will shine forth in all its splendor thus confirming the initial step of faith.There is no doubt that this result will present itself, no doubt what so ever – all that is required is but a little practice. Trust your feelings and pick up the crystals that seem to call out to you. They call because they are your true friends – none truer in fact. That one’s Higher Self projects the world according to its own expectations and obligations is the eventual comprehension that will dawn upon the inquiring mind working in association with its crystal partners. Support for this notion will be adequately confirmed through the insights gained in the process.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2011
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001033541544
    • ISBN:  9781466151536

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