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Take your parkour and free running skills to the next levelFor the first time, two of the very bestselling parkour and free running books have been put together in one single collection. Parkour Training - The Complete Collection on Excelling in the Art of Movement offers both advanced and beginning free runners simple and effective ways to improve their parkour abilities.Parkour Training - The Complete Collection on Excelling in the Art of Movement contains the following books: Parkour - A Beginner's Guide to Training and Excelling in the Art of Movement by Zach RuckerFree Running - A Beginner’s Guide on Training in Parkour and Free Running by Zach RuckerFrom the description of Parkour by Zack RuckerSo many people are enslaved to their job, spending most of their working life chained to a desk and confined to a cubicle. Our bodies slowly deteriorate with this constant lack of movement, this sedentary lifestyle. Our bodies are amazing pieces of machinery, engineered to accomplish incredible physical movements, however most of us no longer get to experience this level of physicality. We take our bodies for granted, never pushing our limits while truly experiencing our environment.Parkour is the antithesis of this stationary, modern lifestyle that many have fallen trapped to. It offers us freedom, to once again be physical, to be able to not just embrace movement, but to love how our body moves, and how our body overcomes obstacles. Parkour - A Beginner's Guide to Training and Excelling in the Art of Movement doesn't want to just get you moving, it wants you to experience your body in a completely new way, helping you both hone your physicality as well as significantly improve your mental game. Take your first step to freedom and learn how parkour truly is the art of movement. From the description of Free Running by Zach RuckerMost of us never truly get the chance to feel free in our environments, we never get to experience the amazing skill and abilities that our bodies inherently have. We don't often push our own limits. Free running changes all of this.Parkour is an art of movement that has its roots in France. It is a practice that demands a high level of discipline. Free running does not view objects in the urban environment as buildings, sidewalks, and railings; it views these objects as opportunities. In training in free running, one is able to increase their physical abilities dramatically, from flexibility to strength to agility. Free running is the ultimate exercise. And the best part is that doing it is incredibly fun.Noted free runner Zach Rucker guides you through the amazing world of free running, teaching you how to train to be a free runner as well as running through the basic moves and a few of the more advanced moves. Learning about the benefits of free running has never been easier!

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001110442801
    • ISBN:  9781386806028

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