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Dear Fellow Golf EnthusiastMind over matter is a cliché often quoted to imply that how we think can change how we feel or perform.And, although it is a cliché, in many respects it is true – and it also explains why there are some days when – in spite of technical prowess – our golf game is a complete and utter disaster.Your thoughts… your mind has an unbelievable influence on your golfing performance, which is why visualisation has such a powerful effect.Let me give you a demonstration; actually – NO – you can demonstrate this for yourself…You’ll need a friend to help.•Ask your friend to hold his/her arm out to the side; straight and level with the shoulder.•Ask them to keep their arm level.•Now press down on their arm. After some resistance, your friends arm will drop.Here’s the mind-power demonstration:•Ask your friend to raise their arm but, this time, visualise a very thick, steel bar running across their shoulders and through their arm – effectively, in their minds-eye, replacing their arm bones with the steel rod.•Now press down on their arm – notice the difference in your friends resistance? Even if – with brute force – you did eventually pull the arm down it is far more difficult, isn’t it?This is just a simple demonstration of how what we visualise impacts on what we can physically achieve.In your golf game there are frequent situations during play when what you are brooding on; your inner-self-talk and visualisation can result in a great game or a mediocre game or even – unfortunately – a disastrous game!Which would you rather have?In this e-book I’ve taken 7 questions golfers often ask about how to handle – or rather eliminate – the negative outcomes their thoughts can have on their game.Enjoy reading – and discovering – how you can unleash your true golfing potential.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2013
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000602754194
    • ISBN:  9781301647484

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