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Turning Point 2020: Blueprint for Local Harmony discusses the problems confronting humankind throughout the world and offers a distinct comprehensive solution for people to organize themselves to change the world. Fun-to-read, easy-to-understand, witty, informative and optimistic. Reasonably priced Futurism is the art of synthesizing the lessons of history to design a better future. Futurism is the quest to get civilization right at last after five thousand years of trying. Is humanity condemned to forever repeat the past, or is there truly something better around the next bend? It can never be the way it was. It cannot stay the way it is. So how is it going to be? Humanity is far older than any national, religious, ethnic, tribal or local identity. We are a deep species divided by shallow identities perpetuated by our limiting self-definitions and narrow associations. It is time to put aside our differences to discover something greater together in a common pursuit by transcending the identities that divide us. Cultivating local harmony is the ultimate reunion after an extended history of alienation, segregation and stratification. Personal enlightenment and higher consciousness are too often characterized as lofty, elusive, nearly impossible attainments. Higher consciousness, as considered here, is simply the collective consciousness gained by people openly and freely communicating. Enlightenment is no enigma after all. Enlightenment is achieved by people practicing their highest values together. The vast past lies behind; the future lies in front. People have a choice. It's not a matter of should or shouldn’t or right or wrong. Cultivating harmony is a path to greater knowledge and higher consciousness accomplished by settling our squabbles and integrating our efforts. Finding a way to all get along is so fundamental, it’s worth the time we will need to give it. We have a lot more in common than we have to fight about. Before we all blow each other up, let’s consider every possible way to get past the negative to move toward the positive. Harmony is the one thing all people long for. Harmony is the one idea people can all gather around. Working for, fighting for, living in harmony; you can discover the greatest satisfaction in life and the profoundest purpose in death. Local harmony is realized when people devote their intelligence, passion and resources effectively toward this greatest cause. Harmony is so simple a child can understand it. Conflict is so complicated, no adult can fully explain or justify it. A long-term vision is a tough sell--there is no instant gratification pursuing such a venture. There is no -X- to mark the spot on this treasure map. The buried treasure we shall seek is in the hearts and minds of the heartbroken and their passionate yearning for a better life. I have no magic wand to offer. There is no magic carpet ride ahead except in your imagination. It's time to think big. It's time to think beyond your lifetime. It's time to think above and beyond the petty concerns and triviality that preoccupy. Is this life going to be just a dream that passed you by? Somebody is going to shape the future. This is your invitation to be one of those people. The answer, my friends, is no longer blowing in the wind. The answer is local harmony, today and forever. Such a great endeavor will give your life clearer direction, greater meaning and real purpose. You will transform yourselves by transforming the world together. Life’s great mysteries are perplexing, yet love solves the human mystery.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2017
    • Ano:  2017
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001121882894
    • ISBN:  9781370716999

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